After 52 years of practice, Dr. Gary has retired…almost.

A Special Alert

In my lifetime, I would never have expected the “Land of the Free” to pull off something this diabolical (“we’re from the government and we’re here to help you!”), but…

The State of California is mandating everyone have vaccinations. Even those who have had COVID and have permanent immunity! And basically the only place you can go if unvaccinated is to the grocery and to church. No matter where you stand on the vaccination issue — pro or against — you will have to find this an egregious loss of your and your neighbors’ freedoms.

Take a look:

Without a long and elaborate conversation about how this parallels the beginning of the Holocaust in Germany, please realize that this is impinging on the rights of all citizens of California. What’s next? Rounding up all of the non-believers and herding them into a ghetto? And then?

Time to stand up against this, if you value freedom!

Happy to see you!

And now, as long as I can practice and live in California…

Well, we are back from Costa Rica. Hard to imagine getting tired of living in Paradise, but I truly miss my “peeps” after 10 weeks in the jungle! So, back to “work” — actually, play — on a limited basis.

I have resumed working out of my friend, Dr. Michael Veselak,’s office in Camarillo. Click this link for a map to his office. The address is 333 N Lantana St, Suite 132, Camarillo, CA 93010. I am available on Saturday mornings from 9am-noon (or so). Click the link to go to my new appointment calendar. If you are new to my practice, please call me first at 805-371-8082 for an initial appointment.

BTW, Dr. Michael is an excellent Chiropractor, should your need arise while I’m gone. He doesn’t do NAET (yet), but we’re working on him to take the training.

View of Carmen, Daly and Lantana Roads
333 N Lantana, Ste 132, Camarillo, CA
333 N Lantana, Ste 132, Camarillo, CA

Wishing you all the very best of life and health,

Dr. Gary