Special Event Thursday, August 3rd, 6pm

How Can the Jewelry You Wear Affect Your Healing Process?

People have worn various polished gemstones for years for adornment going all the way back to ancient Egypt (and perhaps beyond).  “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” said Marilyn Monroe.  But did you know that the ancients used various stones for healing as well?

Back in the late 1970s I was associated with a group of doctors who were experimenting with using healing gemstones of various types for helping people with chronic conditions.  Surprisingly, most people improved when they worse a certain combination of stones, either as bracelets or necklaces.  My focus at the time was elsewhere so I never really picked up on using them myself, but recently I received some testimonials from people who used them with great results and rekindled my interest.

Because of that, I am having a special event in our office:  On Thursday evening, August 3rd, at 6pm I will have the special privilege of hosting a famous healing gem expert, Jenny Sansom, who comes from Michigan to enlighten us on the subject.  If we’re lucky, Jenny may also have her new book published and available for signing then.  Jenny is a gemologist and jewelry-maker of some reknown, and she also happens to be my niece.

This should be an extraordinary event to those interested in more subtle energy forms of healing.  Space is limited so kindly email me if you are interested in joining in:  drgary@drgaryerkfritz.com.

For more info on using crystals for healing, go here.

Look forward to seeing you then!

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