SB 277: Protecting your Child from Vaccine “Side Effects”

On June 30, 2015, SB277 was signed into effect in California. This bill eliminated the parents right to choose whether their child should or should not get vaccinations under the previous “personal exemption” clause.

The purpose of this paper is not discuss the right vs. wrong of this bill, nor the right vs. wrong of vaccinations in general. The purpose is to help parents minimize the risk to their children of adverse effects.

Since most people do not have their child screened for antibodies to the various diseases prior to the child receiving the vaccine, all vaccines are a possible Russian Roulette, although, surprisingly only a small subset of the population react negatively. In addition to the microbial DNA that one is purportedly immunized against, there are chemicals called “adjuvants” and preservatives in the mix as well – all designed to stimulate an antibody response.

Some antibody responses can be exaggerated and become life-threatening, as pointed out in this article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: “Who Should NOT Get Vaccinated with these Vaccines” .

So, how can you tell is your child is the one that will respond negatively to the vaccination? How can you NOT play Russian Roulette with your child’s health?

If you went to a conventional allergist to see if you’re allergic to something, s/he might do a pinprick test or even a blood test to determine the response. The pinprick test measures the histamine response to an allergen, the blood test would measure the antibody titer against a substance. Neither tests are done prior to immunizing as a rule.

The method of allergy detection and treatment we utilize is called “NAET”. With this technique we can determine with a reasonable degree of certainty whether one can expect a negative reaction to a vaccine, and the treatment component can be administered BEFORE the immunization is given to minimize the risk of an adverse event. Tested AFTER the vaccination is given, NAET practitioners can determine if the immunization response was normal or whether it has set up a potential negative response for future vaccinations.

Working with local pediatricians, we are happy to provide this service for a limited period of time at no cost to the parent. Just send an email to to make an appointment. In the near future, we will be putting a video on our YouTube channel that describes the procedure.

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