New Service Offered for Skin Problems

I have seen a lot of skin problems over the years, most secondary to food allergies/ intolerances and/or indiscretions.  Some were able to clear up by themselves.  Others needed medical intervention, usually with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

I think we’ve found an answer to at least some or many skin problems — particularly acne and eczema, especially the “weeping” type of eczema.  It’s called Celluma, which is a biophoton device originally designed for dermatologists and estheticians.  It also has some potential Chiropractic applications as well for muscle and joint inflammation.

We are scheduling people to use this device. We are not making it open to the public — only our practice members and their families.  It takes thirty minutes to use.

Additionally, many, if not all, people with skin problems have undiagnosed gut problems as well.  Fine tuning the digestive process can work wonders with skin problems.

Just go to “schedule an appointment” on our main page, go to “current practice members” and click on the link “Celluma” to make an appointment.  The shortcut is here: Celluma

Happy healing!

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