New Patients

If you wish to make a first appointment with Dr. Gary, please call (805) 371-8082.  We request you call for your first appointment so we can determine how much time to schedule.  Obviously, the more complicated your health situation is, the more time is needed.  If you are making an appointment for another person (other than a child), we kindly request that you give us the person’s contact phone number to verify that an appointment is the person’s wish.

As of April 15th, 2015, I am reducing my Chiropractic practice and am taking new Chiropractic patients on a very limited basis.  I am NOT limiting my allergy practice.

Please complete and print out our New Patient Form before your visit, then bring it with you on the day of your appointment.  Be sure to sign and date the form at the bottom.  An important question on the form is what type of care your prefer.  “Acute care” means a recent change in your health picture that is symptomatic such as sinusitis from a cold; “Improving my overall health and well-being” improves overall function, energy, focus, concentration, mood, zeal for living, and many other positive feelings globally– not simply helping eliminate negative feelings called symptoms.

Additionally, please fill in our Metabolic Assessment Form, even if you’re only problem is “allergies”.  Allergies frequently are the signal that other systems are under stress, and in order to correct the “allergies” completely the underlying problem needs to be corrected.

Also, bring any recent lab reports or x-ray reports if you have them.

After your initial visit with Dr. Gary, you can then schedule any follow-up visits using the on-line appointment calendar.  This can be accessed by clicking ‘Schedule an Appointment’ on the main menu of the website, then selecting ‘Current Practice Members‘.

Looking for more information on NAET allergy work?  Here’s a YouTube introduction with my friend, Dr. Ravinder Singh, a neurologist at Cedars-Sinai Hospital practicing in West Los Angeles.

You can get more information from, or order any of Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s books on, especially “Say Goodbye to Illness”.