Considering a Joint Replacement? Better Check This…

An article on Medscape March 14, 2014, entitled “Allergies to Joint Replacement Implants Problematic” talked about patients with various joint replacements experiencing allergic symptoms.  The article stated:

About half of those with unexplained implant failure were allergic to one of the materials in the implants, as were about three quarters of the candidates for joint replacement with a history of allergic reactions.
The most common allergic reaction was to nickel, which affected 65% of the preoperative patients and 20% of the postoperative patients. That was followed by cobalt, nickel and cobalt combined, chromium, any bone cement extract, bone cement, and benzoyl peroxide.
If you are considering a joint replacement, make sure that you are tested against the materials used IN ADVANCE.  We can test you, or you can be tested by a medical allergist, but please do so.  We have one lady who we see who has had a lot of misery because of this.And by the way, this holds true for dental implants as well!

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