What’s Makes US Healthcare So Expensive, and Why Not In My Office?

What makes the US Healthcare system so expensive, and why did I drop my standard office charge to $40 from $60?

Well first, if this topic interests you, I recommend you to The Incidental Economist which has a series on this topic.  It helps answer the question of why we spend more on so-called “health care” (really, sickness care) than all other nations on the planet, and yet we are ranked 39th in overall health, with Slovenia being right after us.  And, oh by the way, this series of articles was written 2006.  And the trends remain the same.

As to why I reduced my basic office charge from $60 when I was located in Westlake Village to $40 here in T.O. three years ago.  Simply put, my overhead has dropped by 1/3rd and I am interested in helping more people.  By keeping costs down, I can serve more people. And I appreciate the help you have given me in the pursuit of my goal.  Thanks, so much!