How to Increase Your Performance in Life

A new article posted March 23rd on exclaims:
Athletes to CEOs Finding Food Sensitivities Can Mar Performance

The article talks about a blood test for allergies called the “Alcat Test“, which, for a measly $800, you can have a 320 foods, food additives and other substances tested.

But the fact that Bloomberg’s is recommending it to its readers is laudable.  Allergies and sensitivities CAN and DO affect your performance — at school, at the office, at sports, and in all the other areas of your life.  That’s why that is the focus of my practice!

If you know of anyone who would like to have their life and performance enhanced, have them call us!  Our initial evaluation can save them at least $675 for starters.  Or, we can send them for this test if they wish.  In any regard, this only tells part of the story — the other TWO parts are:  1)  How do I eliminate the allergy?  and, 2) how do I prevent future allergies.

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